REGARD: PARADIGM is a 13-month intensive for leaders, coaches, healers, therapists, teachers, and facilitators committed to relational leadership, people before process, and depth over speed.

You lead, coach, heal, teach or facilitate other humans, and want to listen and love with more skill, ease, depth, clarity, integrity, and impact.

You have an established human-centered practice or business and want to learn and grow in intimate community with James-Olivia and a tiny-group of like-hearted folks.

You recognize your contribution… and there’s more inside you that will require you to hone your skills, build your capacity, and cultivate right relationship in the face of difference.

You want to inhabit and lead from a paradigm of sovereignty.

The Focus: You. You are the focus. You are the program.

Your leadership.
Your learning.
Your sovereignty.
Your relationships.
Your commitments.
Your responsibilities.
Your skills and capacity.
Your vision.
Your values.
Your legacy.
Your integrity.
Your community.
Your impact.
Your humanity and joy.

The Structure: 13 months — workshops + 1:1 conversations + retreat

  • 4-Month Relating Skills Intensive (via Zoom. Not recorded)
  • Eight (8) monthly full-day workshops (via Zoom. Not recorded)
  • 6-Day in-person retreat in upstate NY
  • Monthly 1:1 mentoring conversations with James-Olivia
  • Regular conversation with a permanent program partner
  • Monthly community of practice (ongoing)

The Dates: February 2022 through February 2023

Relating Skills Intensive — February through May 2022

  • Thursday 2/3 (4pm-8pm ET) & Friday 2/4 (11am-3pm ET)
  • Thursday 3/3 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Thursday 4/7 (11am-8pm ET) & Friday 4/8 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Wednesday 5/4 (4pm-8pm ET) , Thursday 5/5 (11am-8pm ET) & Friday 5/6 (11am-8pm ET)

June 2022-Jan 2023 — one full-day workshop (11am-8pm) each month:

  • Thursday 6/2
  • Thursday 7/7
  • Thursday 8/4
  • Thursday 9/1
  • Thursday 10/6
  • Thursday 11/3
  • Thursday 12/1
  • Thursday 1/5/2023

Feb 2023: In-person retreat (Ithaca, NY)

  • Monday 2/6 (begin 9am) – Saturday 2/11 (end 2pm)

The Cost: $15,000

The Facilitator: James-Olivia Chu Hillman

Hi! I’m James-Olivia. I am a friend to humans who love and lead, a facilitator and enthusiastic advocate of uncomfortable, extraordinary, life-changing conversations, a foundation shaker and root nourisher, and fellow work-in-progress (i.e. avid & grateful maker of mistakes).

I ask exquisitely rude questions & I cherish exquisitely honest (and sometimes squirmy) answers. I find this both fun and world-altering.

I believe the conversation is the relationship, and that in Right Relationship there is room for us (you and me and everyone) to show up with our whole selves. I believe neither freedom nor joyful connection can be sustained without combining relentless compassion with the disobedient inquiry.

In my own life and in my work with individuals, partners, teams, and organizations, I actively seek out and engage in the conversations that radically alter our most important relationships — with ourselves, our loved ones, our work, the world, and everything.

To apply, send me a note with 1) something you want me to know about you & 2) something you want to know about me and/or Regard: Paradigm.

Shake the foundations. Nourish the roots.