— a relationship skills intensive —

A 4-month relationship skills intensive for humans who want to connect deeply, interrupt their own relational fuckery, communicate cleanly, be more themselves, and relate competently when difference is present and the stakes are high… at home, in their organizations and businesses, in community, in conflict and in love.

In this very small group (3-5 people), experiential, person-centered workshop you’ll shake the foundations and nourish the roots of how you relate to yourself and everyone around you. You’ll learn and practice skills to:

  • Be with others without getting overwhelmed by—or taking responsibility for—their big feelings & experiences
  • Listen and understand what others are actually saying
  • Stay grounded and aligned, even in the face of differences, tension, discomfort, and conflict
  • Prize the humanity, sovereignty, wholeness, and dignity of everyone in the conversation (including yourself)
  • Bring more you to your most important conversations and relationships

Cost: $4,500

Dates for the upcoming (🍓) group:

  • Friday, July 7 (4pm-8pm ET)
  • Saturday, July 8 (11am-3pm ET)
  • Saturday, July 29 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Friday, August 25 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Saturday, August 26 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Thursday, September 21 (4pm-8pm ET)
  • Friday, September 22 (11am-8pm ET)
  • Saturday, September 23 (11am-8pm ET)

For more information about joining the upcoming session, let’s talk.

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