Listen In

These are some of the podcast conversations I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with other wonderful humans. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking. 😂

Tami Sasson’s Done Apologizing (Moving Through the Journey of Relating, May 6, 2021 episode)

Vyana Novus’ Creatively Relating — on iTunes or Spotify (episode 4)

Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk Radio (the Meaningful Disobedience episode)

Thaís Sky’s Reclaim (episode 138)

Liz Wiltsie’s What’s Leadership (episode 13)

Leesa Renee Hall’s Inner Field Trip (episode 11)

Mara Glatzel’s Needy Podcast (episode 64)

The Movement Maestro’s Maestro on the Mic (episode 228)

Madison Morrigan’s Everything Belongs (episode 6)

Ursula Jorch’s Work Alchemy (episode 209)

Tiffany Han’s Raise Your Hand Say Yes (part 1 – episode 302)

Tiffany Han’s Raise Your Hand Say Yes (part 2 – episode 304)

Shirani M. Pathak Fierce Authenticity