Seed & Harvest: Seasonal Offerings of Love and Service

UPDATE: All Seed 2020 sessions have been claimed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting this gift.

1:1 Coaching conversations Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th.

If you are able to and want to join me in contributing during this week of service, I welcome your gifts to the Love It Forward Fund.


Each Spring and Autumn I offer no-fee and contribute as you choose private coaching conversations in a weeklong gift of love and service to my beloved siblings, those who are cherished and familiar and those who are yet unknown to me. (*All Seed & Harvest contributions go directly to the Love it Forward Fund. Contributing is not a requirement to schedule a session.)

This gift is for you if:

    • You are a BIPOC and/or trans/non-binary human
    • You want more joy and connection and less suffering in your relationships with yourself, the people you love, and the rest of the world
    • You can commit to spending 1-2 hours together, partnering in a conversation in which you seek to be challenged, supported, expanded, and held (not advised or saved)
    • The agreements below are healthy for you

Before you commit to a 1-2 hour private coaching conversation with me, this is what I will expect from you:

    • Do your research. Read my website, social media posts (IG @inquisitive_human), and testimonials. Ask around. Do a gut check. Then, if it feels right and good for you…
    • Commit with intention and integrity.  Show up for yourself, on time and fully present. We will not reschedule
    • In our conversation, be honest with yourself and with me (this will require courage, which you have)
    • Take responsibility for your own attitudes and actions
    • Honor your own boundaries and experience
        • Ask for what you need
        • Say what is not okay for you
        • Obey your intuition at all times

In turn, I offer you the following:

    • Questions & observations—powerful, uncomfortable, sometimes weirdly obvious
    • Silence—space to answer and to astound yourself
    • Profound discretion—our conversation will only ever be your business to share via testimonial, referral, social media, etc.
    • A confidential and judgment-free container in which to explore new ideas, examine old ones, dream bigger than you have ever dared, and experience deep and sometimes unfamiliar emotions
    • Celebration of and fascination with both your successes and failures as invaluable growth experiences
    • Honest feedback (sometimes blunt, always compassionate)
    • Occasional “colorful” language and impassioned rants
    • Optional exercises, strategies, tools, resources, and education for continuing & deepening your work outside our session
    • Referrals, if your specific needs are better served by another professional
    • Unconditional respect, acceptance, and love

This is what you will not receive from me in our coaching conversation:

    • The Answer(s)
    • Small talk
    • Ignoring reality
        • Disregarding your sovereignty
        • Pretending harmful behaviors are acceptable (enabling)
        • Pretending your lived experience is not true (gaslighting)
        • Pretending that external contexts and our collective human experiences do not exist (bypassing power dynamics, social constructs and contracts, and systems of oppression such as patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism, among others)
    • Neutrality on issues of injustice, oppression, and abuse
    • Promised outcomes, formulas, or scripted conversations
    • Holding you accountable for tasks & timelines (productivity coaching / progress-nannying) & being more committed to your liberation than you are
    • Agenda, expectations, or judgment about what brings you joy and what kind of life and choices will bring about your peace and fulfillment. *I do, however, have a strong bias toward connection and relational empowerment. This bias will influence the nature of our conversations.
    • Psychotherapy, medical advice, or legal counsel

If you have questions about whether this gift is for you, please send me a note.