Question Everything


I believe that freedom requires both inquiry and love.

The practice of Compassionate Holistic Reality Interrogation is a loving and curious examination of everything. It is an evaluation and alignment of our values, beliefs, choices, and practices, within the contexts of the relationships, power dynamics, and systems we inhabit together. Together, we interrogate to take responsibility for how we show up, while accounting for the reality that none of us shows up in a vacuum.

Our physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional experiences are simultaneously personal, relational, political, and ecological. Together, we question everything.

To be clear, I am not the interrogator—you are. I am a facilitator and loving witness to a courageous and powerful conversation you have with yourself and with the world. The agenda is yours. The pace is yours. The decisions are yours.

My mission is simple: more joy, more connection, and less suffering.

We start wherever you are, with whatever is most important and compelling to you right now, because if it matters anywhere, it matters everywhere. If this conversation sounds as thrilling to you as it is to me, let’s talk.