Seed & Harvest: Seasonal Offerings of Love and Service

Harvest Week 2019

      • 1:1 Coaching conversations September 9 – September 14.
      • Community Gathering on Sunday, September 15th at 6:00pm Eastern (US).
      • All seats for Harvest week have been claimed (thank you, everyone!). If you would like to be notified about upcoming Seed & Harvest weeks, please join the Seed & Harvest mailing list.
      • If you are able to and want to join me in contributing during this week of service, I welcome your gifts to the Love It Forward Fund.


Each Spring and Autumn I offer no-fee, contribute as you choose* private coaching conversations in a weeklong gift of love and service to my beloved siblings, those who are cherished and familiar and those who are yet unknown to me. (*All Seed & Harvest contributions go directly to the Love it Forward Fund, and contributions are not a requirement to schedule a session.)

At the end of the week, we join for an intimate gathering via zoom, open to those who took part in 1:1 conversations to come together in community and share our collective wisdom, presence, and support.

This gift is for you if:

    • You are a BIPOC, trans/non-binary, and/or disabled human
    • You want more joy and connection and less suffering in your relationships with yourself, the people you love, and the rest of the world
    • You can commit to spending up to two hours together, partnering in a conversation in which you seek to be challenged, supported, expanded, and held (not advised or saved)
    • The agreements below are healthy for you

Before you commit to a 1-2 hour private coaching conversation with me, please know what I will expect from you:

    • Do your research. Read my website and social media posts. Ask around. Do a gut check. Then, if it feels right and good for you…
    • Commit with intention and integrity.  Show up for yourself, on time and fully present. We will not reschedule
    • In our conversation, be honest with yourself and with me (this will require courage, which you have)
    • Breathe deeply and trust that the discomfort of growth will probably not actually kill you
    • Take responsibility for your own attitudes and actions
    • Honor your own boundaries and experience
        • Ask for what you need
        • Say what is not okay for you
        • Obey your intuition at all times
    • Contribute as you choose to the Love it Forward Fund. This is not a requirement for scheduling a session. 

In turn, I offer you the following:

    • Questions & observations—powerful, uncomfortable, sometimes weirdly obvious
    • Silence—space to answer and to astound yourself
    • Profound discretion—our conversation will only ever be your business to share via testimonial, referral, social media, etc.
    • A confidential and judgment-free container in which to explore new ideas, examine old ones, dream bigger than you have ever dared, and experience deep and sometimes unfamiliar emotions
    • Celebration of and fascination with both your successes and perceived failures as invaluable growth experiences
    • Honest feedback (sometimes blunt, always compassionate)
    • Occasional “colorful” language and impassioned rants
    • Optional exercises, strategies, tools, resources, and education for continuing & deepening your work outside our session
    • Referrals, if your specific needs are better served by another professional
    • Unconditional respect, acceptance, and love

This is what you will not receive from me in our coaching conversation:

    • The Answer(s)
    • Small talk
    • Ignoring reality
        • Pretending your excuses are valid or harmful behaviors are acceptable (enabling)
        • Pretending your lived experience is not true (gaslighting)
        • Pretending that external contexts and our collective human experiences do not exist (bypassing power dynamics, social constructs and contracts, and systems of oppression such as patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism, among others)
    • Neutrality on issues of injustice, oppression, and abuse
    • Promised outcomes, formulas, or scripted conversations
    • Holding you accountable for tasks & timelines (productivity coaching / progress-nannying) & being more committed to your liberation than you are
    • Agenda, expectations, or judgment about what brings you joy and what kind of life and choices will bring about your peace and fulfillment. *I do, however, have a strong bias toward connection and relational empowerment. This bias will influence the nature of our conversations.
    • Psychotherapy, medical advice, or legal counsel

“I had high expectations going into our private Seed session. You met my expectations easily. You gave me equal parts care and non-judgement to nudging me into new territory that I’m looking forward to exploring further.
[Since our conversation], I’m examining how I show up in my relationships with myself and other people. I’ve always been direct, but you helped me see ways in which I am still hiding and how I can ask for what I want and need before it’s an issue.” —Olwen Wilson,

“It’s always amazing to talk to James-Olivia. She tells you the truth, she is always surprising, and she’s willing to hold your hand while leading you into places that may be uncomfortable for you. If you want truth and surprise, without being pandered to, these are conversations you need to have.” is what I would say to other people. But for me, I basically just wish these conversations would never end. [Seed is] totally worth it… if you’re really ready to know yourself deeper.” —Tiana Dodson, One Beautiful Yes

“Liberating… I have reaffirmed my desire to tell the truth (no matter what). I’m working toward liberating myself from forcing people to join me (staying in my integrity and letting them be in theirs).” —Vanessa Mentor, Story Catalyst,

“Seed Experience is showing up to have what you know deep down inside popped open, stretched to its edge, nurtured into expansion and then carefully planted into rich soil, trusting in its evolution from a whole-hearted place. I didn’t know what to expect going into my session, so I just showed up with the trust I have in myself and in James-Olivia’s call to serve. What happened in the space of those 90 mins was beyond what I could have imagined — Seed provided the structure, language, insight and permission to shed what’s been incongruent to my true self and how I relate in this world. I loved the PUSH I got to dive deeper and the love I inherently felt in my session — I was met authentically and honestly, which is what I asked for. In short, I got everything I needed for this moment of my evolution in Seed. Thank you! …
For now, I feel I have a grasp on who I’m becoming and something to cross-check that process against. I have a matrix of questions to ask as I continue unfolding into myself and deeper relationships. I see where I’ve been stuck and how I can lean into thriving. I have come closer to myself since my Seed session! …

James-Olivia is who you want to work with when you want to be LOVED, HEARD and GUIDED into understanding the intersections of disconnection we’re ingrained in — fully and deeply. They are incredibly gifted at listening to the experiences of your life and helping you dissect and dismantle the lies of limitation and cultural programming that separate you from moving towards embodying your realness in our society.” —Ash Johns,

“AMAZING. I will work on being my true self and allowing people to know and accept this person.” —Shaniqua Staples

“Seed was a time for radical self-reflection in the safety of a presence that was direct and honest and compassionate. Though I didn’t have a road map, I thought the session would definitely get below the surface. I loved the honesty–things I needed to hear and confront. I wouldn’t change a thing. As a result of my Seed Conversation, I am regularly communing with and tending to my vulnerability. [James-Olivia] is direct and honest. She is open to working with you where you are. You can trust her.” —K.C.

“I think [my relationships] are changing in terms of me focusing more on love rather than lack, on using my energy to build and create rather than trying to fit in and hope others ‘get it’. [Harvest] was a wonderful gift to myself that I am so glad I accepted. Words can’t express the value of the conversation to me; I felt more connected and less alone.” —T.S.

“Our talk helped me so much on my journey. It change the way I relate to several aspects of my work, how I show up, and how I seek and create sisterhood. But what’s even better is that I walked away with more connections with incredible women because of the Harvest Week gathering. I’ve described [our Harvest 1:1] as a challenging conversation rooted in truth. A talk that makes you see yourself and how you show up in the world.” —Violeta Potter

“As a result of our Seed conversation I am able to hold a range of my experiences as true. I have a deeper understanding of relative privilege and marginalization, and I have a sense of more solid grounding of who I am at the core. I feel more secure in my identity as a gender queer being. James-Olivia is compassionate, direct, grounded, a being that is both embodied & keenly aware of the current human reality and connected to higher spiritual truths. [They have] the ability to guide… through questions and reflection in a way that pushes one firmly yet gently and always with honor and consent.” —Heather Kowalewski

If you have questions about whether this gift is for you, please send me a note.