February, for love and courage: a month of pay-what-you-can coaching

Dear Friends,
I am conducting an experiment in disobedience and making life more wonderful by declaring what I want and allowing it to be so. This is also an experiment in courage: doing the things that scare me “to death” and then marveling at the miracle of not actually dying of my own trepidation and discomfort. To this end, I will be offering individual, pay-what-you-can coaching sessions for the month of February.
What I want from this experiment:
  • connection and inquiry – consistent & consistently rich conversations that compassionately interrogate reality
  • a context for offering my work in a way that nourishes me holistically, even if it doesn’t make sense to other people
  • to make my work and my life both accessible and sustainable (and allow for iterative definitions of accessibility and sustainability as we learn together)
  • to gather experiences (rather than theories) that inform how to create more joy and less suffering going forward
How it works:
  1. First, read my blurb on Holistic Reality Interrogation. Peruse the Coaching Agreements. Explore a bit. Pay attention to your own response and follow your intuition.
  2. If you are moved to have a coaching conversation with me, schedule a session at here
  3. Go to https://www.paypal.me/inquisitivehuman and pay what you can. If your financial resources are limited right now, honor that -and- don’t let it stop us from working together. If you are financially abundant, consider contributing to a session for someone who might not otherwise have access right now.
  4. Have a potentially life-changing conversation.
With gratitude,

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