Make Room

Here is a truth that needs to be said:

I love you
just as you are,
being who and what you are.

So listen. This is also true:

When I stand in love and solidarity
with someone who is not you,
with someone who is hurting
at the hand of another,
I do not stand against you
—unless it is your hand.

When I see someone harming you,
I will do the same for you.

For now, you are merely uncomfortable
maybe a little raw
frightened, perhaps.
Fear has taken up a space
where love is trying to grow.

You have swallowed a misunderstanding
of goodness
of security
of separateness
of protection.
It does not agree with you.
More will not satisfy.

That weird pulsing in your hands and feet?
That loathsome old stone in your belly?
The wild fluttering in your chest?
The birds escaping your mouth, finally?
That is the joy of your humanity unfolding.

Make room and we will stand together.

Make room.

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