Love Letters to Humans (no. 103) — on Dangerous Disobediences

The desire to thrive together in right relationship calls on us to examine the rules we follow & the ways we participate in systems of oppression, and consider several basic and wildly dangerous disobediences:

Desire—more specifically, the decision to cultivate an intimate familiarity and joyous alignment with your own will.

Honesty—the decision to tell the truth about who you are and what you want, feel, know, believe, observe, and experience is often a punishable infraction against familiar norms… and it is a requirement for nurturing your will.

Transformation—change is a notorious thief of comfort. The decision to embrace and cultivate radical change may be extraordinarily uncomfortable.

Sustainability—the refusal to avoid, exploit, erase, and punish difference, or to participate in your own exploitation, erasure, and punishment. This decision is woefully incompatible with contempt, dominance, & supremacy culture.

Tomorrow in Disobedience School we’ll be talking about the dangerous disobedience of telling the truth.

Every week we have uncomfortable, confronting conversations together, and then we each examine and make decisions in our real lives about the rules we’ve been following and the risks we’re willing to take to cultivate right relationship & build the world we want.

Every week I am astounded and encouraged by us. Thank you for baffling the status quo.