Love Letters to Humans (no. 100) — You are necessary. You are responsible.

We are both necessary and responsible to every relationship we inhabit. What now?

None of us exists in a vacuum. We are in relationship with everything, everyone, always. And, there is no relationship we have that we are not in.

You, reading this… you have a relationship with me. I have one with you. We are, each of us, necessary and responsible.

The people we disagree with most? We have relationships with them, too. We inhabit relational ecosystems with them. We are necessary and responsible to those relational ecosystems because we inhabit them.

There is no relational decision we make that does not impact us. From our partnerships to our parenting to our politics and every other relationship we have, our choices shape both us and the world we inhabit together.

We cannot disregard another without consequences to ourselves. We cannot disregard ourselves without consequences to the whole.

You are necessary.

You are responsible.

Given that, what now?