Love Letters to Humans (no. 81)

What is the quality of your relationship with Spirit? What is the quality of your conversation with that which seeks to nourish you?

These are questions I’m asking myself more often as I make choices about how to navigate the uncertainty of these times.

These are not questions to bypass my human and physical relationships, but a way to inform them, to resource myself with a deeper regard for myself and for the people and other beings around me—to regard what is true for us together in this moment and to hold the uncertainty, the grief, the differences, and the fear with compassion.

We exist in relationship to each other, to everyone, to everything.

May we practice relationship in ways that honor our unavoidable interconnectedness, the heartbreaking oneness we inhabit. May we practice relationship in ways that nourish and sustain what is beautiful and vulnerable among us, between us, and within us. May we deepen our conversations. May we listen a little harder.