Love Letters to Humans (no. 76) — on Identity as Relationship

Every identity we hold is based in relationship. Every identity we hold is a relationship.

The contexts and relationships that make up our understanding of ourselves exist and impact us whether or not we recognize and understand them.

Nothing we do and nothing we are exists in a vacuum. We know ourselves and we are known by others in context, our social identities constructed by legacy and by judgment and by choice.

We exist in relationship with and to everyone and everything.

We exist in relationship to ourselves, our desires and senses, the ideas and energies inside us and around us, our closest people and beings, our family constellations, our communities, the physical world we inhabit, the visible and invisible histories we carry across generations and geographies, the cultures we consciously and unconsciously create and uphold.

We exist in relationship to human movements (individual and collective) toward—and away from—our own humanity.

Relationship is. Right relationship nourishes.