Love Letters to Humans (no. 72) — Together In the Muck

Grateful to be here together in the muck of it all.

Most of us were not born and socialized into relational models of sovereignty and healthy interdependence. If you were, or if you’re breaking cycles of relational fuckery in your lineage, I celebrate you with my whole heart—I dream of a world with more of that.

And if you’re a bit more like me, unlearning codependent, contempt-based, punitive, reactive, and extractive ways of relating (i.e. relational fuckery) and learning to practice new ways of relating in sovereignty and relational joy is the work of a lifetime.

Along with joyful connection, authenticity, freedom, a different understanding of power, and a deeper sense of belonging, this work can also come with remorse, grief, and discomfort. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. And I promise it’s worth it, because we are always in relationship… it’s just a matter of how we choose to participate.

Relationship is. Right relationship nourishes.