Love Letter to Humans (no. 43) — I’m The Only One™️

I’m The Only One™️: The relational fuckery of behaving as though our vision, purpose, work, pleasure, and relationships are solitary responsibilities.

When our decisions are influenced by individualism and perfectionism, it’s easy to believe that if we don’t do things ourselves, they will get done w r o n g (or never).

I’m The Only One™️ can lead to burnout, fatigue, frustration, resentment, and bitterness as we attempt to do it, fix it, manage it, solve it, and rescue and save everyone and everything ourselves. It can also lead to hopelessness, despair, indecision, inaction, and overwhelm when we recognize the real impossibility of doing it all alone.

Impact always and only happens in relationship.

We don’t have to do everything alone. Also, we cannot. Our greatest dreams require us to build right relationship. Our most important desires require us to trust and be trustworthy, to bring our gifts and receive the gifts others bring, to invite, welcome, and celebrate difference and discomfort.

Relational practice: Invitation

What and whom do you attempt to fix, manage, solve, or save on your own without guidance, support, or collaboration? How is it going? How do you feel?

How would it feel to have someone else enthusiastically, competently (and maybe imperfectly) share in and contribute to your vision, purpose, work, and pleasure?

Relationship is.
Right relationship nourishes.

Over the final two weeks of this year I’m exploring some of the ways dominant, punitive, white supremacist patriarchal culture impacts the ways we have been conditioned to relate to ourselves and with one another… and how we can choose something different.

Registration for Regard is open until December 29th, or until seats are filled. I also have space for private coaching in the new year.

If you want to dive deeper and practice together in 2020, I do too. Let’s talk. 💛