Love Letter to Humans (no. 41) — on Individualism

Individualism: The relational fuckery (and delusion) of believing we are separate from our relationships, and that our sovereignty negates our innate belonging to one another.

You do not exist in a vacuum and neither do I. We each exist in relationship to and with everything and everyone else that has ever existed. We are both individual and collective, distinct and connected.

We can be both radically responsible for ourselves -and- relationally responsible to one another and the ecosystems of our relationships.

Relational practice: Responsibility

Where would clarity about who you’re responsible to and what you’re responsible for create more room for you?

Relationship is.
Right relationship nourishes.

Over the final two weeks of this year I’m exploring some of the ways dominant, punitive, white supremacist patriarchal culture impacts the ways we have been conditioned to relate to ourselves and with one another… and how we can choose something different.

Registration for Regard is open until December 29th, or until seats are filled. I also have space for private coaching in the new year.

If you want to dive deeper and practice together in 2020, I do too. Let’s talk. 💛