Thanksgiving (the practice, not the event)

It is one week before the American Thanksgiving holiday, and I am reminded to be vigilant in my gratitude practice. Honoring my love of lists, here is my Thanksgiving list today:

I am grateful to everyone who attended the Forgiveness Workshop on October. Thank you for showing up, and thank you for showing up. I didn’t realize how much of my heart and soul and time would go into building the class, or how much delivering it would fill me with hope and appreciation. I will be offering the workshop again in January—my offering to anyone wanting to start the new year by releasing themselves from past grievances.

I am grateful to be involved right now with the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, taking a class called Every Choice Matters. When I describe Holistic Reality Interrogation, I may as well be describing this class. It is an intensive, 12 week program in which I get to thoroughly examine every aspect of my own life, and it is a beautiful blueprint for a lifetime of self-examination.

I am grateful for my family, Ben & Lucy-Pearl. Our daily engagements are the basis for every aha! moment I have. Every conversation, every trigger, every every interaction and emotion I experience with them is my education. I am constantly reminded that there is no amount of work I can do to better myself if it does not translate into a purer love of those closest to me (including myself), a greater sense of comfort in the fluctuations of life (for they are endless and varying in enormity), and a settling into my own skin so that I can be kinder and more gentle to others.

I am grateful for the work I do, grateful for the conversations I get to have, grateful for the people who trust me with their stories, and grateful for the chance to offer this world a new tool here and there to find more joy and less suffering in whatever way I can each day. Thank you.

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