Yarn & Conversation: an Experiment in Integration

THANK YOU to everyone who has been talking with me and sharing 100 Conversations about Love, Right Action, and Right Relationship with friends and family. Because of your enthusiasm and willingness to join me, this project has kicked off with a ferocity that is both unexpected and deeply appreciated.

And now, elemental habit is emerging. (This feels a little scary and weird, because elemental habit is… yarn.)

How are these two things even related?

[coughs] *Everything* is related.

Exquisite yarn and exquisite conversation are two of my great joys, and I am experimenting with ways to elegantly integrate these passions with attention to their relationship to each other and to sustainability, community, beauty, and impact.

Because it’s experimental and feels like a biiiiiit of a stretch, elegance, sustainability, community, beauty, and impact are bound to be questionable at times. So I’m putting the request out for folks to join me in this exploration — for your witness & encouragement, your experience & shared wisdom, curiosity, mentorship, patronage… however you are able and willing to contribute and participate in community.

I will provide a space to have the conversation, and commit to bringing questions and a lust for learning (both yours and mine), beauty, and spun wool.

For a sneak peek, I’m over here on Patreon, making things, figuring it out as I go, delighting myself, and looking forward to your company.