Love Letters to Humans (no. 26) – on this new year

Entering this new year quietly, curiously, and bubbling with gratitude for my treasured teachers and mentors, respected guides, dear friends and new, and beloved clients — your presence in my life and in my field of vision helped make the good things in 2018 real, and even more good things in 2019 possible. Thank you for teaching me how to belong to one another more fully.

In the coming year I ask to be of profound and generous service, to engage in many more rich and meaningful conversations, and to contribute to radical joy and connection in the lives of those who desire it.

I hope you’ll join me once in a while in the Inquisitive Human Salon—a casual, monthly, intimate, no-small-talk conversation with a handful of fiercely compassionate, authentic humans who don’t have everything all figured out. The next Salon is on Sunday 1/20 at 5:00pm Eastern.

Also, please be on the lookout later this week for an invitation to talk with me 1:1 this year in 100 Conversations: Right Relationship. I am inspired by Desiree Lynn Adaway, Sarah Mariann Martland, Anuradha Kowtha, Tiana Dodson Renard, and other folks making beautiful connections and changing the world, one conversation at a time—or 100. If we’re connected here and have never shared a virtual cup of tea and a conversation that pushed us to the the edges of change (or even if we have), let me know to tag you when I formally announce 100 Conversations: Right Relationship and let’s talk.

Looking forward to connecting more deeply this year, here and wherever else our paths cross. May we give the love we have to give, receive the love we need, learn the lessons that are ours to learn, and experience the joy and belonging that have always been our birthright.