Love Letters to Humans (No. 18) – On Love and Responsibility

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

I want to love everyone, but I don’t. This is painful to admit.

I love deeply, and want to do it better. My greatest intention is to live as a perpetual evolution toward love. And the truth is that I simply may never love everyone.

Without responsibility, there is no love.

This is not to suggest that we each alone are solely responsible for everything and everyone we love, only to acknowledge that we cannot truly love anyone or anything and still pretend that our actions (and inactions) are without impact.

To the extent that we profess to love another, we must also acknowledge the impact of our very existence on theirs. This is the foundation of trust.

When I witness someone casually profess to love all people while trampling on the lived experience of others, taking no responsibility for creating a world in which all people can thrive, I know I am witnessing someone who has been loved poorly and incompletely, and thus learned to love poorly and incompletely.
To profess to “love everyone” and deny the responsibility of our impact on all of humanity is to diminish ourselves, to diminish the value of our love, and to diminish trust.

I have been loved poorly, incompletely. I have also been loved well, completely. I give thanks for those who love and have loved me enough to show me what responsibility looks and feels like, to correct me when I am irresponsible, and teach by their example what a perpetual evolution toward love is and what it is not. I give thanks for your impact on me.

Q: How are you taking responsibility for your impact on all that you profess to love?

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