Love Letters to Humans (no. 10) – In Our Own Time

You are of nature. Let no human authority dictate for you the seasons and cycles that are yours. We each grow in our own ways, in our own time.

Let no one else decide for you the time and the way that you are to grieve, learn, rage, observe, speak, desire, ask, give, rest, love, teach, bless, receive, feel, know.

We are as we are, and we pay dearly enough for it already in this life without the additional burden of imagining we are doing it wrong. We cannot be ourselves in the “wrong” way simply because someone else is being themselves differently, or because someone else said so.

The pine tree does not compare its value to that of the wheat field, nor look to the lily for reassurances of its beauty.

 2014-10-10 07.28.41

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