100 Conversations: Right Relationship

In January 2019 I committed to being in relentlessly compassionate and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about Right Relationship, most of them with people I’d never had the pleasure of talking with before. This year I’m continuing these conversations. In addition to broader conversations about Right Relationship, I also want to hear your thoughts, stories, and experiences of Forgiveness, Disobedience, Repair, Leading, and Being Led—through the lens of right relationship.

I’ve now had over 150 conversations, and I love this project so much that I have no intention of stopping in the foreseeable future.

If you have thoughts, questions, ideas, stories, vexations, wisdom, hopes, resistance, grief, challenges or anything else to explore about about being in Right Relationship, I’d love to share conversation with you.

I don’t have the answers to what right relationship means. I have curiosity and a desire to listen without judgement.

If you’ve ever thought about having a conversation with me but thought it would be too random and weird just to ask (it wouldn’t be at all, by the way), here is a context for us to talk… maybe for the first time. 

This conversation is meant to be both casual and unflinching. I’ll show up with what I have and go after what I want—and I welcome you to do the same. Like all conversations, this isn’t just about relationships, it is a relationship. Our conversation can go wherever we want it to, and neither of has to be an expert on anything (although if you have some expertise, please bring that, too). It’s just us, talking about things that matter to us.

I’ve been looking forward to talking with you. And if you know someone else who is interested in diving into a conversation about Right Relationship, please feel free to share this project with them.

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Engaging in conversation about right relationship and right action with James-Olivia has had a lasting impact for me. Literally every day since we connected, I’ve been thinking about topics and applying concepts from on our call. I experience a depth of presence, support, and curiosity from James-Olivia that I’ve experienced with few others. Co-creating a safe, vulnerable, and honest space wherein each of us could show up, be real, and learn was a nourishing and fulfilling experience for me.” —Nic Strack, Empowerment Coach for Moms (& Badass Human)


James-Olivia is as extraordinary as you’d imagine someone engaged in this generous #100Conversations project would be. They welcomed me and made it clear that this was an expectation-free exploration. We could discuss anything I desired. Really. Anything at all. I don’t know how to adequately frame or give context to the specialness of our call. Would you believe me if I told you there was a magical quality to it? I hope you do. I dove in with questions about their project and business, which led us to my business. I’ve been stalled and stuck in getting myself out there, and I kid you not when I share that I had *several* epiphanies while talking to James-Olivia. James-Olivia’s #100Conversations project is a revolution of true and deep connection. My word of the year for 2019 is freedom, and this call was a perfect fit. —Jill Sargent Tyler


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